Soooo, what did I pack for a year out of a suitcase? Or what have I held on to as important…


  • Phone
  • Wallet
  • Passport


  • Maybe 5 plain t-shirts (v neck and other), and 5 plain tanks. The more plain, the less people realize how much you wear them. Tanks became essential in Asia
  • Enough workout outfits to sweat through 7ish days (mix of shirts (4), tanks (3), shorts (4), leggings (4)) and three t-shirts for bed, comfy, gym.
  • All sports bras, two regular bras, one strapless
  • As many socks and underwear fit in the small packing bags I had, probably about 12 each. Socks I had: one wool, one ankle high, bunch of regular, a few no shows
  • Two non-athletic shorts: jean shorts and black shorts
  • Two pairs of jeans
  • 3 long sleeve shirts/quarter zips for layering
  • Jackets: raincoat, light regular coat, leather jacket, hoodie
  • About 3 dresses, 3 romper/jumpsuits that rotated in and out via thrift stores. Found that you get sick of wearing the same things to go out in
  • 1 scarf
  • 3 bathing suits


  • Navy blue converse
  • Black leather, casual sneakers
  • Running sneaks
  • Sneaks for getting dirty/everyday workouts
  • Saltwater sandals
  • Flip flops


  • The norm, toothbrush/paste, lotion, makeup
  • Only packed enough for what I’d need, bought stuff along the way when I ran out
  • Bought shampoo, conditioner, and soap as needed. Usually one bar of soap a month.


  • Laptop
  • External monitor, helpful every once and a while and pretty light, but not essential
  • Running headphones and regular ones
  • Two international adapters
  • Portable charger
  • Extra cord chargers in case breaking (not necessary, can always buy)
  • Wireless mouse

Bags (really satisfied with my bag choice):

  • One, 23 kg suitcase
  • Backpack big enough for weekends away. I.e. North Face or LL Bean
  • Smaller backpack for day trips (string bag could work)
  • Over the shoulder purse for going out
  • Reusable bag that folds up small, super helpful for food shopping
  • Always had some plastic bags (grocery and Ziploc of all sizes) for keeping things dry, carrying liquids, etc.

Important Docs:

  • Yellow booklet of vaccines (though not needed)
  • Copies of passport
  • 2 credit cards, 2 debit cards (left one set in suitcase)
  • Malaria medication

Other Things I was glad to have:

  • Sunglasses, but they’ll probably break or get lost and you can always buy new
  • Reusable water bottle same thing, lost three after 6 months but still helpful
  • Ibuprofen, laxative, tums/gas relief, DiaResQ (just in case), Tiger Balm, bug spray, sunscreen, multivitamins, probiotics…keep in mind all can be purchased on the road
  • Notebook and pen(s), always carry pen in carry on for filling out Immigration Forms
  • 3 small plastic containers, always had snacks I wanted to transport, can always fill them with socks in suitcase if need to save space
  • Clif bars, picked up some in Spain, but good to always have something compact that will fill you up if needed
  • Reusable spork (fork on one side, spoon on the other)
  • Gum
  • Roll of toilet paper and tissues (especially in Asia)
  • Laundry detergent pods (only a few at a time)
  • Headlamp and/or small flashlight
  • Small pillow for planes
  • Small luggage scale

Other Things I picked up along the way:

  1. Scarf in Morocco for covering head on desert trip
  2. Skirt and pants in Asia for covering knees in temple
  3. Cute shorts in Vietnam just for fun
  4. Bracelets in every city
  5. Deck of cards
  6. Banana pajama shorts

Non-Items I also have:

  1. Travel Insurance- Allianz
  2. International Phone Plan- Google Fi
  3. Blog domainJ

Things other people have that are also worth considering:

  1. TRX or resistance band
  2. Bottle opener
  3. Bamboo straw
  4. Hiking boots (problem is they’re heavy so you usually have to wear on plane)
  5. Noise cancelling headphones
  6. Nice camera
  7. Hair straightener
  8. Iron or steamer
  9. Extension cord with multiple outlets
  10. Eye mask and ear plugs
  11. Backup phone